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Construction Technology

Techlift consultants collaborate with developers, architects and structural engineers at project inception to establish the most advantageous build methodology, identify installation methods and construction sequencing.

Our experienced personnel assist our clients in determining where and when to go modular. We help assess their particular project design and circumstances and evaluate the merits of a ‘built off site’ or modular construction strategy against a traditional approach.

High cranes and platforms showing construction technology

Construction Technology


With a growing demand for energy and industrial construction across the globe, developers increasingly face challenges that can put their project delivery at risk. Increased uncertainty related to safety, quality, cost and schedule can seriously affect economics and financing options for projects.

Modular construction has emerged as an effective solution to mitigate risk, particularly on projects in remote and/or harsh-climate locations, facing limited availability of skilled workforce or extensive labour costs, or requiring greater schedule certainty.

Build Methodology & Sequence

One of the most significant advancements in modular construction is the increase in size of the modules being assembled. This enables a project’s module strategy to drive a facilities layout. Consequently, the success of modular construction projects relies more and more on the logistical possibilities available. This is where we can help.

By analysing and optimising component handling methods during manufacturing, transport and site installation, we ensure that lifting methodologies and utilisation is determined for each phase of construction, leading to increased safety, efficiency and cost savings.

Offsite Construction

As construction in cities becomes more and more challenging, with increased focus on site safety, disruption to local communities, environmental concerns, time constraints and skilled labour shortages, developers and contractors are turning to off-site construction methods.

As lifting operations and logistics play a pivotal role in off-site construction projects, we apply our significant experience in oil and gas modularisation and knowledge of the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) process to offer clients invaluable input throughout an entire project life-cycle.

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