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Client Focus

This is at the heart of what we do. Our first step is to identify and fully understand what our clients are trying to achieve. We get under the skin of their vision, goals and values so we can deliver a course of action that manages the priority themes of the programme alongside risk, time, cost and quality.

This critical stage offers an opportunity to collaborate with our clients and help them make the right choices for their needs. We develop programme delivery methodologies that are robust, transparent and based on experience drawn from large scale projects across the globe.


The 'What If?' Question...

Techlift recognise that clients have to contend with increasingly complex capital and operational cost pressures. Clients and Stakeholders understandably require robust assurances that all factors have been considered and tested to mitigate their exposure to project risk.

Though experience and ‘gut feeling’ is a valuable asset, quantifying cumulative risk from the permutations of numerous potential scenarios, to create that ‘perfect storm’ event is extremely difficult, often resulting in the standard fall back solution of ‘adding some float in the schedule’.

Together with our partners, Techlift is able to offer a smarter solution for testing a project’s plan and schedule in a virtual environment. Employing Discrete Event Simulation (DES), we can run multiple 3D model simulations to test the impact on a schedule of random or unplanned events such as weather conditions, equipment breakdowns, simultaneous operations, overrunning works and late deliveries.

With a powerful dynamic visualisation, clients and stakeholders have a far greater understanding of the proposed plan and can see the impact of a ‘What If?’ scenario in a virtual environment where exposure to project risk is not a factor.


Shutdown & Maintenance

All major industrial facilities require unit shutdowns and maintenance activities during their life-cycle. It is inevitable that heavy lift and transport activities will lie on the critical path of these projects.

As plants are ungraded and expanded over time, shutdowns and maintenance activities become more complex. Combine this with a client’s desire to minimise their asset down time, then the requirement for detailed and careful planning becomes essential.

Techlift has extensive experience in planning, managing and executing shutdowns across many industries. We provide innovative solutions, unique shutdown concepts, optimised planning and coordination of shutdown activities to maximise utilisation of lifting and transport equipment and personnel.

Our unique approach can reduce shutdown schedules, improve safety performance and achieve cost reductions for our clients.

Our Clients