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Third Party Verification

Third-party verification is for organisations that not only want to better understand the extent to which their contractors have provided them with the optimum heavy lift, mechanical handling and transport solutions, but also want external assurance that they are delivering optimal safety, quality, compliance and people management.

Techlift has provided independent Third Party Verification services across a wide range of industries including oil & gas, construction, renewable energy and infrastructure projects.


Technical Bid Evaluation

With many years of practical experience and a wealth of technical knowledge, we are able to provide clients with rigorous assessments of their contractor’s heavy lift and transport proposals. We shine a light on every aspect of the operation to reveal risks, identify weaknesses, and challenge the premise and logic of a proposed scheme.

If you require technical support whilst putting a heavy lift and transport project out to tender, or need technical or contractual evaluation of proposed heavy lift contractor bid documents, we can assist you.


Technical Auditing

Companies want to know, before placing an order, that their chosen heavy lift and transport contractors have the systems, processes and capabilities to fulfill their requirements. They also need to ensure that local and international standards of quality and safety are consistently maintained throughout a project’s lifespan.

Techlifts specialist consultants offer global experience in every aspect of heavy lift and mechanical handling operations to ensure that our client’s projects and operations go above and beyond the regulations and standards required.

Our Clients