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Oil, Gas & Chemicals

As our clients contend with more and more complex capital and operational cost structures, the need to ensure the highest standards of asset safety, reliability and performance begins at the earliest stages of project planning. We believe that by being involved at this stage we add measurable value to any project.

Techlift provides access to years of practical hands-on experience in identifying and mitigating risks in oil and gas plant construction and shutdown activities. By integrating with our client’s team at the outset we enable them to save considerable amounts of time and money by avoiding the need to go back to the drawing board to re-engineer or re-design.

oil, gas & chemical production plants

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Shutdowns & Revamps

As downstream facilities develop and expand over their lifespan shutdowns and revamps become increasingly more complex and challenging. Techlift’s approach is centred on safe delivery and minimising asset downtime by pre-engineering all lifting and transport operations and the planning and coordinating of shutdown contractors and logistics.

We have a core team of specialists with a wealth of experience, ensuring that we can anticipate and overcome the challenges presented by even the most complex revamps or new equipment installations.


Techlift personnel have worked on some of the world’s largest oil and gas modularisation projects.

Our team works with clients on modular studies, FEEDS and Detailed Design to determine the factors on module versus stick build or a hybrid solution.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Interface management
  • Oversight of module fabrication yards
  • Module transport logistics
  • On site transportation, haul roads, ports, etc.
  • Module sequence planning
  • Transport and erection equipment selection

Alternative Lifting Solutions

Our clients’ unique challenges often require unique solutions. We pride ourselves in always providing the smartest lifting and transport methods.

By being willing to ‘think outside the box’ and challenge convention we provide solutions that can optimise construction, reduce downtime and increase safety on petrochemical projects.

Our engineering design team have extensive knowledge and practical experience of alternative lifting methods such as jacking, skidding, tower gantries and strand jack systems.

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